Renting with American Tool & Party Rental

Tool Rental

The tool rental charges for the time you have a piece of equipment in your possession. Most rental items have a base rate of 4 hours or a day rate. The 4-hour rate gives you that much time to take the equipment to your project site, perform the work, and return the equipment. A day rate gives you 24 hours with the equipment. If you were to rent a tool at 8 am Tuesday, it would need to be returned by 8 am Wednesday.

The tool rental offers an "overnight special" for a 4-hour rate. Tools rented Monday-Friday from 3 pm -5 pm and returned the following morning 7:30 am - 9 am qualify for the 4-hour rate. This is a popular perk for those who work during the day and only have time to work on projects in the evening.

Another popular tool rental rate option is the "Saturday special". Tools rented on Saturday mornings and returned Monday morning, 7:30 am - 9 am, qualify for a 1-day rental rate. This allows us to be closed on Sundays and our customers to have extra time to complete their projects. Advance reservations are recommended by simply calling our office.

Many of our tools can be loaded into vehicles; however, some require a trailer to transport. If a trailer is required we often can provide that for you. Should you have any doubt about what vehicle is best to transport your tool rental, just ask! Delivery service is available for any rented tool for a fee. Should you not have an adequate vehicle to tow a 9,000-pound skid steer, let us know and we will bring it to you and pick it back up after you are done. Simple as that!

Party Rental

The party rental is a little more unique than the tool rental. The party rental is more flexible with its rental period. Our goal is to make renting as stress-free as possible. Our minimum base period is the day rate; however, you are more than welcome to get your rentals the day prior to your event and return them the next business day after your event. A majority of our rental events fall on the weekend so our "weekend rate" is a one-day charge from Friday to Monday. Some larger events do require more time to set up and decorate so many larger event rentals are from Wednesday or Thursday the week of through Monday--again for just the one-day rate.

Should you have the means to transport your rental items, you are welcome to pick them up and return them yourself. However, in keeping with the stress-free theme, we do offer delivery and pickup services for a nominal fee. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to transport 200 chairs and 25 tables. Leave that worry to us and we will schedule your delivery and pickup on one of our routes.

While visiting our website, you are welcome to fill out a quote request for rental times of interest. We can check availability and get in touch with you. Deposits are taken upon reservation for any party rental items. This secures the items for you for the date requested. If you are having your items delivered, please make final changes to your order 10 days prior to delivery. Payment in full is required 7 days prior to delivery. Should you be picking up your rental items, you can pay your remaining balance prior to or upon pickup.

Our party planning professionals are always just a phone call away. Call today to schedule a consultation or feel free to visit our showroom. We look forward to serving you!